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M P Financial Services started by Mr Mihir Parikh in the year 2002 a firm of experienced financial advisors and aspire to become your friendly financial guide and an ally who helps you make better decisions to plan and grow your financial future.

We are one of the leading financial management company with expertise in investment management, financial planning, retirement planning, Life Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Home Insurance, PMS (Portfolio Management Services), Group Insurance, Health Insurance, Industrial Insurance, Critical Care Insurance and Home Loan. With the base expanded of 3000 families , NRI , professionals , and many renowned business houses.

Mr Mihir Parikh, the founder and chief strategist of MP Financial Services has experience of two decades and he firmly believes that giving the customers a comfortable atmosphere actually empowers them to reach their life goals and that is the ultimate goal we can achieve as a financial management company.

Empowering the customers:

We truly believe that getting financial guidance and investment suggestions doesn’t have to be an experience that makes a customer uncomfortable, intimidated or pressurised. It always has to be an easy going process where the client understands everything what he is doing and taking a correct decision based on their needs to invest in the right place at right time.

We help the clients by simplifying the tough industry vocabulary in a simple and easy to understand manner so that it makes the customers life easy. We not only talk but give equal importance to listening as well. You will never feel that we are “pushing the clock”. You can take your own time to make your decision.


MPFS is customer centric approach include ALL INDIA TOLL FREE number, 24x7 Services, Free Group Insurance, Authorized Premium Collection Center, Customer friendly kiosk, Premium collection van, Financial Portfolio Management & Online Services, Door Step Servicing - LIC, Mutual Funds & Home Loans and free services to orphan policyholders.

Last but not the least we genuinely love getting to know our clients. We want to make sure that a financial advisor can also be a great friend. Small towns and thousands of villages are still far off from getting any sort of reliable information and we want to bridge this gap by being approachable and friendly so no one ever feels awkward talking to us.

Let us help you to secure your financial future!

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